Give and Get: Making Good Ideas Happen is a new model for conversation where everyone is moved to support each other to win. Together we create a space to eat, seek and offer ideas and make new connections in a fun and generous environment.

Give and Get for Business is a series of facilitated group conversations that draws together a diverse group inside or across organizations. It’s far more than an opportunity to network, it is how individuals expand their reach and span boundaries across disciplines, functions and geographies to problem solve where the organization benefits.

Networks are how work gets done. A good network is needed to accomplish goals. Exchanges in the Give and Get business series provide the conditions for new perspectives, the nurturing of a fledgling idea and the accelerated growth of a mature project, unpredictable opportunities, and new connections.

“It’s great to be able to meet people outside my own circles and learn from them.

“My own project community was thrilled with the new contacts I brought back to them.

Cool ideas from cool people.”

I got far more than I thought I would.”

My workplace is a bubble and I wanted to hear new opinions and views.”

“I got a fresh perspective that I would never have thought of in a million years!”

“Loved, loved, loved it !”