Find your people. Grow your network. And be part of something bigger.

Spend three hours thinking divergently with a mixed group. You’ll address each other’s challengesdiscover your commonalities, and innovate together. It’s more than networking: it’s collective problem-solving and the shaping of new networks.


Be prepared to share your knowledge, connections and opinions, and you’ll get it back ten-fold. Because everyone at the table wants the same thing: solutions.

  • Give valuable feedback to others from your unique perspective.
  • Get fresh perspectives from people who know things you don’t.
  • Learn how people who don’t share your expertise can help you.
  • Make connections you wouldn’t have an opportunity to make elsewhere.
  • Become a valuable resource for someone else.
  • Come away with more people in your corner.

Give & Get for Enterprise

You have more in-house knowledge than you think you do, but corporate structure silos people and hides their full value from everyone else.

In this program, you’ll dig deep into others’ experiences to get different perspectives. You’ll leverage each other’s expertise and networks to solve challenges and drive innovation. You’ll learn to describe your challenge, build your resource pool, expand your reach and leave with a deeper and more valuable strategic network to mobilize when you need to innovate.

The people you share this Give and Get with will become your in-house strategic connections: people you can leverage for problem-solving, professional advice, distinct learning and fresh ideas.

We focus on sharing knowledge, building trust and innovating together.

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Give & Get for Entrepreneurs, Small Business and Startups

Unlike personal connections (friends and family) and operational connections (colleagues, customers and suppliers) who may be able to fuel business growth, strategic connections exist specifically for that reason. You can lean on a strong strategic network for problem-solving, professional advice, distinct learning and creating opportunities you’d otherwise never have.

The best strategic connections are people you don’t know. They can offer objective feedback because they’re not biased by a relationship with you or a stake in your company.

This facilitated session will feed your strategic network. It puts you at a table with other business owners from across the landscape. They’ll provide objective feedback to your issues, you can reciprocate, and you’ll both get better.

You’ll discover your commonalities. You’ll gain insights from different perspectives. You’ll solve problems together. You’ll use what you come up with to innovate. And you’ll build your pool of go-to resources.

We focus on connecting, solution-based thinking and insight.

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Give & Get for Community

People with projects are far more successful when they have allies willing to provide experience, connections, knowledge and resources. And if they’re people you don’t know or are not directly connected to your project, they’ll offer an invaluable fresh, unbiased perspective.

This facilitated session brings individuals together to describe their passion projects. You’ll eat together, seek and offer ideas and support, and make new connections in a fun and friendly environment. You’ll benefit from multiple perspectives while meeting new people who can open more doors.

We focus on collaborating, generosity and contribution.

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