I coach senior executives, high performing and high potential leaders to enhance their leadership presence, know their personal brand and make successful transitions…

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These topics on career, communications, and team-building address the pressing challenges that matter and are available as seminars, workshops, and presentations…

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Give and Get for Businesses is a series of facilitated group conversations that draws together a diverse group inside or across organizations…

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Sheila Goldgrab | Executive Coach for Peter Singer

Sheila started coaching me but based on her success we asked her to coach our entire senior team. Her honest and experienced approach helped to increase the performance of the organization overall. It was a critical investment in our success.

– Dr. Peter Singer, CEO Grand Challenges Canada

Sheila Goldgrab | Executive Coach for Rola Dagher, DELL Vice President and GM of Canada Infrastructure Solutions Group

Working with Sheila, I’ve become a better leader. She has a calming and outstanding look on leadership and on life.

– Rola Dagher, President, Cisco Systems Canada

Sheila Goldgrab | Executive Coach for Tina Robinet, VP of CIBC

Sheila is a leader’s coach. She’s agile and customized her program to deal with changing realities so that I am the best leader I can be.

– Tina Robinet, Vice President, TD

Sheila Goldgrab | Executive Coach for Aaron Dauphinee, AIMIA Director of Coalition Strategy and GM of Knowledge Development

I am confident in my marketing expertise, yet Sheila’s approach to coaching opened me up to defining my own personal brand, which has driven my career forward.

– Aaron Dauphinee, CMO and Head of Marketing, Rubikloud Technologies